Pet Grooming Hammock Chest Harness For Cats And Dogs Relaxation Dog Grooming Hammock Restraint Bag Dog Backpack Sling For Grooming Dog Grooming Assistant Nail Trimming Scissors Bathing



Helps you easily complete cute pet grooming at home, such as nail trimming, grooming, bathing, eye and ear care, injections, checking various body instructions, and more.

Helps you with bathing and cleaning after your dog travels. Very comfortable and relaxing, make your pet fall in love with it.

Simply place the pet's legs in the holes and attach the D-ring belt to the cat grooming hammock with the carabiner and secure it to the pole.

Compared with other S-shaped hooks, our carabiner will not deform or break, more durable and safe.


Type: Pet Grooming Hammock Harness Pet Hammock Restraint Bag dog backpack harness Dog Grooming Hammock Harness

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