Electric Fly Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Killer



1.Light soft and work quietly, no noise

2. Power consumption is very low.

3. Light media mosquito, 360 ° LED light source trapping, soft light is not hurt, safe not heat, no radiation, no pollution.

4. Wind suction mosquito, suction vortex, DC fan produce whirlpool airflow, strong suction will be close to the mosquito inhalation mosquito box

5. Can cover 60 square meters, for living room, bedroom, study.

6.Classic simple, black and white design, reflecting the art of beauty

7. Environmentally friendly physical mosquito, light induced inhalation, no noise

8. Anti-escape set mosquito box, mosquitoes were inhaled into the mosquito box, and then dehydrated and died, safe, quiet


Color: Black.White

Material: Plastic

Rated Voltage: 5V

Rated Power: 5W.

Serviceable Range: 20-60㎡.

Size: Approx. 19 x 13 x 13cm / 8.5 x 12 x 12 cm

Type: Insect Zapper

Package Include:

1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp

1 x USB Cable