Anti Gravity Humidifier


Product Information:

  • Design with a large capacity water tank of 800ML, it can work for 8 hours of continuous use. You can sleep all night, freeing you from frequent refilling of water.
  • 【Ultra Quiet】The humidifier works almost silently, which offers maximum relaxation when sleeping or studying without any unpleasant noise. Enjoy the mist all night and have a light rest. Perfect for worry-free sleep at night.
  • Anti-Gravity Waterdrop Humidifier uses the unique black waterdrop backflow technology to transform the reaction of flowing water into waterdrops. The water drops are atomized by ultrasonic technology, which can increase interest during moisturizing.

  • Smart LED screen, you can see the time at any time. Smart switches, smart adjustment, and portability are everywhere. A key to open the sleep mode, counter-current continuous water jet humidification, comfortable with sleep.

  • The Anti-Gravity Humidifier uses principles from basic science to create an antigravity optical illusion that makes water droplets appear to go upwards. 
  • Perfect for any home, office, or yoga. and a wonderful gift for friends, family or lover.
  • 【Decent Size】The size of the anti-gravity humidifier is 9*4.7 inches, which means it is easy to move. It can be placed on the shelf or dresser, making it a perfect humidifier for bedroom and office.