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Features & Benefits

The Pump-Pro breast pump helps relieve feelings of engorgement, and enhances milk flow. Especially helpful for mothers with twins or premature babies that are struggling to latch, breast pumps allow partners to help feed babies as well. 

The Pump-Pro breast pump mimics the feeding of a baby thanks to the nifty massage feature. If you haven’t used a similar pump before, you’ll notice that the pulsation of the pump during suction feels a little weird at first. However, over time it will feel more comfortable.

Extracts Milk Quicker and Saves Time

Thanks to the massage feature of the pump, extraction is sped up while it also stimulates letdown. It is really efficient for busy mothers that do not have a lot of time, but the massage feature can be switched on or off if its not to your taste.

The device offers twelve levels of suction. The variable levels are designed to meet every mom’s pumping needs, even those with inverted nipples. The control for suction strength is separate in order to control frequency. It allows a woman to adjust each control separately in order to accurately mimic their baby’s nursing pattern.

Easy To Set-Up

Set-up is extremely easy. The Pump-Pro Breast Pump has a memory feature, so it recalls and returns to your preferred settings. The product also has a backlit digital readout and a nightlight so you can use the device in the dark without turning on additional lights to stir a sleeping baby.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning is super easy as the whole unit breaks into small pieces. The included collection bottles feature wide mouths and are simple to clean with a brush. The silicone membranes of the Pump-Pro breast pump are easy to wash.


The Pump-Pro is pretty lightweight and small in size, so you can carry it around when you need to get something in the middle of pumping. The rechargeable battery allows mothers to use the pump while on the go. Mothers have the choice between plugging in the device or making it more portable with battery operation.


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Aley hollan


amazing product

“I pump every 3 hours going from vacuum 8-12 (12 being the highest setting) and the motor has been putting up with the demand!.”

Alice C.


Best Offer

“It's amazing and at par or even BETTER than Medela Freestyle and it's just HALF the price!”

Alice C.


Best Offer

“It's amazing and at par or even BETTER than Medela Freestyle and it's just HALF the price!”


customer Feedback


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Do the breast pumps have BPA-free attachments?

Yes. All of the breast pumps have breast shields and collection containers/bottles that are made from silicone.

How do I receive my tracking number?

You will automatically receive a shipping notification and a tracking number which will be sent to the email address that you provided

Does altitude affect the suction level of my pump?

The higher the altitude, the more chance the suction level will decrease.

How do I sanitize the breast pump kit?

If sanitizing your kit, separate all parts that come in contact with your breast or breast milk and boil for 10 minutes.

All parts that come in contact with your breast or breast milk are dishwasher safe as long as they are secure on the top rack away from the heating element.

IMPORTANT: Do not wash the pump or power cord. Use a damp (not wet) cloth to wipe down the pump body if necessary. Do not sterilize piece parts in autoclave.

How do I dry & store the breast pump kit?

Allow all breast pump kit parts to air dry in a clean area and store dry parts when not in use. Do NOT store wet or damp parts.


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